The New Faces of Influencers

Traditional definition of influencers is changing. No longer is an influencer only a politician, celebrity, journalist or other household name. Now, influencers include you, your family, your friends and others in your social circle. All influencers are important and measuring influence is more vital than ever before; however marketers have serious problems with finding an accurate metric to describe influence online and on social media. In many cases, the biggest influencers in your life will not be known outside your inner circle. Your family and friends are not celebrities and what they think does not matter to the majority of Americans, but they remain the biggest influences in your life. When sharing information with people in your private circle, you have more influence than people outside the community. This is where marketers and public relations specialists are having troubles, because it is difficult, if not impossible, to measure the influence you have in your inner circle.

Measuring what you say about their clients and whether it is good or bad is an increasingly challenging task. While new tools are being developed everyday to address this problem, it remains a big concern. In small circles, reputation is key. Recommendations or shared information are paid more attention to when it comes from someone you know rather than a paid advertisement. Think about what happens when considering trying a new restaurant, hairdresser or store. What is the first thing you do? Generally, you ask friends and family what they think or if they have heard anything good or bad. How these people rate their experiences or experiences of others in their inner circle will likely decide whether you give the place a chance.

Ads can be convincing, but there is always some sense of doubt for the consumer, as you know the ad has been commissioned to sell you something. Unless your family or friend works for a company or the company?s competitor, there is little reason for them to give you a false review. Companies cannot put a price on the personal recommendation or the trust you place behind said personal recommendation.

People in your inner circle, are more empowered through recent communications advancements. Facebook, Twitter and other social media outlets allow you to share thoughts about anything in real time. Now, you can tweet a question about the newest restaurant in town and it can be answered in seconds.

The businesses that can lead the discussion about their industry and have an understanding of how consumers talk about their products will lead the pack. Strive to be among the first in your industry understand what is being said in the social media world. If you can join the discussion early enough, you can help lead it and become a trusted source for information.

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